Frequently Asked Questions

When I get an order

Greet your customer! Customers often send their first consultation request right after purchase, in which case, start your consultation, if this is not the case, you can send a welcome message to the customer. Remember, all communications with the customer have to take place in your Dashboard, this is mostly for legal and safety reasons.

Responding to a consultation request

Read carefully the user's message. Our objective is to respond to the users' needs. If you are asked to help find discrepancies between their work and their reference photo, do so with tact and try to explain how and why. We strongly recommend that you respond with an attached image or video, often this is done by returning the image of their work with your annotations. More on annotating images and reply examples.


All teachers retain 70% of the net sale prices, that is after coupons and before taxes if any. The 30% that Artzok retains is used mostly for publicity (Think Google, etc.) and other means to reach out to new clients.


We process commissions payment via PayPal. Let us know when you have completed a package by putting in the CC of your last communication with the customer. The payment will be sent to you within one week.
PARTIAL PAYMENTS: If a customer has been inactive for 30 days or more and still has consultations unused in the package purchased, you may request a payment for the used portion of the package at, please mention the order number available in the order tab of your Dashboard and the number of consultations used.

Coupons and discounts

We regularly offer a discount (maximum 20%) to increase new signups or to encourage users to return after a period of inactivity. If you think one of your clients needs an incentive to buy a new package from you, you can offer the following 10% coupon: RETURN10 in your last email to them.

Free trial

Offering a free trial is by far the best way to gain new customers and begin a relationship. Just treat it as you would a normal paid lesson. End your reply to the customer with a link to your service and an invitation to continue your help with her/his work.

Tax Returns

In keeping with policies of other marketplaces, and in accordance with IRS reporting rules, ARTZOK does not issue 1099-MISCs to teachers. You can view your yearly earnings directly in your Dashboard or from your PayPal account. All teachers are users of the ARTZOK platform. No matter the type of income you’re reporting, you are not considered an employee of ARTZOK. As such, you are not required to provide ARTZOK’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) on your tax return.

Consultation guidelines

Make sure to read the Consultation Guidelines for our General guidelines, reply examples and tips on annotating images.

How will customers send their consultation requests

Go to your Dashboard to view user messages and uploaded images and write your reply. You will be notified by email when a customer sends a message, please reply within your stated reply time. The quickest replies get the most return customers. If you don't have email notifications on your mobile, it may be a good idea to turn them on to be able to reply quickly.

Time off and vacations

Apart from the regular days off as posted with your services, please let us know at when you will be unable to receive consultation requests for more than 24 hours. We will take your service page offline. Your message center will still be active and you will be able to communicate with your customers but you will not receive new orders during this period. About one week before taking time off, if you still have open orders (packages not fully utilized) send a message to your customers to let them know that you will be unavailable during that period.

About packages

If a user purchased a multi consultations package (usually 5, 10 or 25), you need to keep track to the number of consultations that happen between you and the user. Typically, a consultation consists of a request with image upload from your customer and a reply with image upload from you. At the very bottom of each reply to the user, indicate the number of remaining consultations, ex.: " You have 4 consultations remaining". Once you reach the last consultation, replace the last line with " This was your last consultation, I really enjoyed helping you! If you wish to continue working with me, please select another consultation package. You may put the coupon offer here as well. IMPORTANT: Make sure to CC on your last consultation email with the customer as this will tell us to put your service in the next payment batch.

Skype and phone calls

Users may ask you for video calls (Skype, Facetime, Hangout) or to talk over the phone). These requests will have to be declined for the moment. However, In the next few months, we will be offering secure bookable appointments for enhanced video calls with interactive whiteboard and drawing tools that will be available as part of our monitored services. You will be invited to offer these new services when they are implemented.