Where to start?

Select the lesson that best matches your needs. Your Artzok account will be created during checkout. You will receive an email with a link to your Dashboard where you can write to your teacher and upload images.

Free trial?

Select the lesson that you want to try. At checkout, choose the free trial and follow the easy instructions that will be emailed to you. Only 1 free trial per customer!

How to upload photos?

Smartphones and tablets take great pictures! In fact, Artzok is optimized so you can do everything from your mobile device. From your Message Centre, when you click upload file, take a picture from your device or pick one from your library. If you are working from a desktop or laptop, you will need to transfer the picture(s) to your computer before you upload. You can do this easily by emailing the picture to yourself. Upload also your reference (the image(s) you are working from, or the photo of your subject if you are working from life). More photo tips

How to find my dashboard?

From the top menu, under Login, click Customer Dashboard.
You must have an account which is created automatically during checkout, even for a free trial. If you are using a different computer or device, or if you logged out, you will have to log in again under "Profile and Password" in the Customer Dashboard.

I can't find my art medium!

We cannot list all possible art media on our website and many of our teachers have experience in media that are not offered in their lessons. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know at admin@artzok.com and we will consult our teachers or try to find one for you.

What if I don't need to use all of my lesson credits?

There is no expiry date on your credits so you can just keep them in your account until you need them. However, if you prefer to be reimbursed for the unused portion, let us know at sales@artzok.com and we will issue a refund for the unused portion.

How do I know how many credits I have left?

Each time your teacher replies to you, he/she will mention the number of remaining credits you have left on the last line of the email. Just open your last email in your message center.

Where is my purchase history?

Make sure you are logged in and scroll down in your
dashboard, you will see your purchase history

Why Artzok?

The purpose of Artzok is to help you become the best artist you can be by assisting you when you need it. We believe that our one on one timely approach based on the art that you make is the fastest and most affordable way to help you reach your goals. It is the time-tested Atelier approach that has worked for generations and now you can get this personalized help from your home or studio.

How to become a teacher?

We are always looking for experienced teachers who share our passion for helping students become the best artist they can be. Send us your submission.

How to write to my teacher?

After checkout, you can head over to the Message Center of your Dashboard to communicate with your teacher. This is also when your teacher will reply to you. To get the best support possible, explain your goals, needs, and challenges clearly and upload a good picture of your work in its current state. See Upload photos section on this page.

How will I know when my teacher has replied?

You will get an email with a link to the Message Centre of your Dashboard as soon as your teacher sends his comments. If you have agreed to receive site notifications, you will also be notified when you go on our site.

Can I change teachers?

If you feel after a few lessons that the match with your teacher is not a good fit, we can help you find a new teacher. Just send an email at admin@artzok.com.

Do you accept children?

Yes! We welcome people of all ages and skill levels. In each service page, the age groups accepted and the skill levels are indicated. Children and teens must have parental supervision to use our services and all communications with our teachers will be monitored by the administration. All purchases must be done by an adult. See kids and teens lessons

Can I Skype my teacher?

Video calls (Skype, Facetime, Hangout) or phone conversations are not allowed for security and privacy reasons. However, In the next few months, we will be offering secure bookable appointments for enhanced video calls with interactive whiteboard and drawing tools. We will let you know when it becomes be available as part of our monitored lessons.

Can I get a refund?

Your satisfaction is important to us, we will refund your purchase upon request within 10 days of the transaction. Simply email us at sales@artzok.com and mention the receipt number that appears in your email purchase confirmation. Details and conditions.