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Photography with Diana Harding Tucker

I will help you learn the techniques you need to use to make a beautiful photograph with your particular camera. If you have a digital camera, you will learn what all the buttons mean and how to use them. You will learn how to manipulate the menu depending on what you would like to shoot. Once you learn how to use your camera, I will help you to let loose your personal creativity and have fun with it!

Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Student Age Children 6-12, Teens 12-18, Adults 18+
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Diana Tucker

PRESENTLY: I am a Photoshop and Photography teacher. I teach individuals and groups photography from how the light hits the camera to your manipulation of the resulting image through your camera as tool. I like to bring out the creative in a person. I also invent images using Adobe Photoshop and have taught many people how to manipulate images either simply, or in an advanced fashion. This may be of interest to someone who would like to use Photoshop as part of their digital image illustration studies/Graphic Design work. My experience and knowledge that I like to pass on to a student is detailed below, along with my qualifications: TEACHING EXPERIENCE • 2000-2018: Private manual and digital photography and Photoshop instructor • 2007-2018: Adobe Photoshop to all staff and visiting researchers and professors at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry Burlington Growth Center. • 2005-2007, Photography teacher, Toronto Botanical Gardens • 2000-2001, Photography Professor, Bishop's University, Knowlton Centre, Québec. EDUCATION BFA Program, Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York Bachelor of Arts, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario Digital Printing & Imaging Certificate (DPI), Toronto Image Works WORKSHOP AND TUTORS Edward Burtynsky: Toronto Image Works: Colour photography Freeman Patterson photography, New Brunswick Jeremy Taylor (Master Printer, Photographer, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa). Black and White darkroom printing (private tutor) and portfolio preparation Victoria Owen: Study of Copyright Law and the Canadian Copyright Act and its application to the copyright of images including criteria for protection in Canada and on the web. Victoria Owen is head librarian at U of T Scarborough. In May 2008 she convened a plenary session on “Why Copyright?” – An extensive seminar on the copyright of images in Canada, for all library staff from the three local universities, Toronto, Ryerson and York. She is active in the copyright field and serves as a member of the Canadian Library Association’s copyright working group, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries’ copyright committee and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions’ copyright and legal matters committee and as a member of its executive board. COMPUTER EDUCATION Toronto Image Works – Full time program Certificate in Digital Publishing and Digital Web Diploma Program (DPI) Advanced Study of Digital Publishing - This course provided technical grounding in professional print and web applications, lectures and hands-on experience in print production of newsletters, brochures, graphics, advertising layouts, websites and Flash sites - Programs taught included advanced Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Text Edit, Typography, BBedit & Fetch in preparation for Page and Layout Design and Digital Publishing. CURATORIAL KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE Care and preservation of twentieth century photographic materials/Care and preservation of new photographic digital image materials/Care and preservation of photographic negatives. Knowledge of environmental factors and underlying chemical mechanisms that cause both black and white and colour negatives and photographs to stain, fade, or otherwise deteriorate while in storage or on exhibition. Knowledge and experience to detect effects of deterioration through exposure to heat, light, humidity, and pollutants - that provides the fundamental basis for decisions concerning storage conditions, remedial measures, and long-term preservation planning. Knowledge of the production of major twentieth century photographic negative and positive processes, including gelatin silver negatives and prints, and colour negatives through darkroom technologies Knowledge and experience with digital technologies currently in use in most museums. Image capturing, database entry/management, and issues surrounding search engines. Familiar with computer hardware and software applications in the above-mentioned areas. Knowledge of issues and policies related to the exhibition and publication of photographs, including preservation issues involved in preparing, installing, monitoring, and circulating photographic exhibitions, as well as copyright and reproduction issues and digital applications and issues. CURATORIAL EXPERIENCE Member and Past President of the Ontario Society of Artists – organized and assisted with Art exhibitions Chair, Ontario Society of Artists Summer Exhibitions 2009 – Organized 65 artists in commercial galleries in Ontario. PHOTOGRAPHY KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE IN DETAIL Fundamentals of photographic and lens-based imaging, including an overview of view camera, hand camera and electronic photographic practices, image processing and print production. Table top, theatre, landscape, editorial, and portrait black & white/colour photography using 35mm, medium and large format manual, automatic and digital cameras with daylight, flash, and tungsten lighting systems. Recent commissions include manual and digital photography illustration for publications, photo restoration involving manual and digital retouching and fine art photography. Darkroom and Digital: How to read a negative, basic black and white darkroom techniques, how to adjust contrast to make the best print possible, improving the print through burning and dodging, Cropping, colour theory and how to use filters for colour correction, printing techniques (contacting and printing), enlargement and cropping. The traditional film media is a very important aspect of professional photography, including 35mm medium and large format camera formats, as well as the basic darkroom techniques of film processing and silver printing, and exposure and hand-held exposure meters. Image retouching, image processing and making effective use of software tools. Knowledge of basic physics, chemistry, mathematics and methodology of both digital and traditional photographic processes. In order to master the techniques of digital and traditional photography an understanding of the fundamental supporting principles is an asset. CLIENTS/PUBLICATIONS (partial list) Science (AMGEN), Mosaic Magazine; Oxford Press, London, UK; Applied Arts Magazine, Photography & Illustration Awards Annual; Ontario Arts Council; The Toronto Star; DuMaurier World Stage Festival Brochure; Ontario MITT; The Toronto Sun; The Globe and Mail, Tempo, Taproot III, Québec; Weekender, Toronto; Brome Lake Garden Club, Québec. EXPERIENCE 2001- 2005 Desktop publisher/Visual Editor/Photographer Massey College, University of Toronto Scanned in photographs, retouched them: cleaned up noise, colour correction, removed or inserted objects, prepress preparation, preparation for email communication, inserted them into PowerPoint templates and presentations, etc. Printed out photos on various media (colour/black & white) Created and edited PowerPoint presentations for international lectures on nephrology. Redesigned PowerPoint presentation “look” for COMGAN - Highly rated by the International Society of Nephrology's Executive Committee for the new design Performed electronic research of medical papers and information from research databases such as “Kidney International” the University of Toronto's research database “Ovid” and “Medline”. Designed advertisements in Illustrator for International Society of Nephrology medical website and Science magazine. Provided constructive criticism of ISN website resulting in a more user friendly interface Burlington Growth Centre (BGC), Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto 2007-2018: Given the title of “Curator of the Burlington Growth Centre” in 2007 – At the start of the AAOF Legacy Collection Study. Collaborated in the digitization of the BGC database with Dr. Bryan Tompson, by purchasing the proper equipment (scanner, computer, printer, measuring tools) and the locating and scanning the original files, including cephalograms, photographs, medical history, etc., in the Burlington Growth Centre collection. Web application - Set up an ftp site in order to send digital images and information to external researchers. South Simcoe Arts Council Organized and sat on a panel of experts on Copyright for the South Simcoe Arts Council, Ontario, in collaboration with Navin Khanna, copyright lawyer, ChitizPathak, Barristers and Lawyers, Toronto, Ontario LANGUAGES Bilingual: French and English. Some Italian and Spanish.

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