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Learn Digital Line Drawing for Intermediate/Advanced users with Richard Lankes

I will help you with your digital line drawings, from its initial stages all the way to completion. Many artworks benefit from a solid line drawing from which to begin. Yet often, the line work itself often becomes the overall creation, giving more than just a simple outline to work from.

Line work can convey as much detail as color, working as a solid foundation for your creations.

Working together, we will navigate through methods and to enhance your creation to your liking, giving structure and form to your lines to bring out the best that we can from your artwork.

Levels Intermediate, Advanced
Student Age Teens 12-18, Adults 18+
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Typical Response Time 24 hours or less

Richard Lankes

Hello! A bit of information about myself. Richard is my name, and my artistic training was done through the University of Texas collegiate system, culminating with a Master of Arts in Biomedical Communication (also known as "Medical Illustration".) I've trained in a variety of mediums, but specialized in Traditional Media-Drawing and Digital-Mixed Media. Through my education, I'm geared towards subject matter ranging from Scientific illustration to Fantasy, dealing primarily within the style of Realism. My teaching style deals primarily with setting an understanding of the basics, such as lighting, color theory, shadow play, foreground/background, and composition. While these are basic skills and concepts, they do impact all forms of artwork and set up a strong starting point. I can also help you concentrate on the opposite scale, dialing in on detailed, specialized work.

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