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Learn Acrylic Painting with Eustatia Paige

I will help you with your acrylic painting projects at any stage, from conception to completion. Showing you tricks to painting textures, light, reflections, setting up composition, colour theory and the methods to enhance your art.

Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Student Age Children 6-12, Teens 12-18, Adults 18+
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Typical Response Time 12 hours, Mon-Fri / 24 hours, Sat-Sun

Eustatia Paige

My formal art education took place at The Alberta College of Art and Design. Where I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting. My five years spent at the college included 4 years focusing on acrylic painting, while simultaneously learning art history, contemporary art discourse, abstraction, textile dyeing, drawing, glass blowing, sculpture, etching, lithography, silkscreening, conceptual art, installation, and jewelry making. In addition to my fine art focus I spent a year studying design. I learned composition, in depth color theory, perspective drawing, anatomy illustration, design principles and theory, typography, figure drawing, and graphic design. After graduating I traveled throughout Europe to experience the art I had learned about first hand. When I returned to Canada I began work for the Calgary Board of Education as an Artist in Resident. I maintained my art practice within the elementary school I was placed a, while also conducting workshops and art lessons within the classrooms. Aside from teaching the students I also conducted workshops with the teachers and teacher aids. Focusing on techniques in abstraction and acrylic paint that they could then bring back to their own classrooms. I am currently assistant teaching part time at a local art studio in New Westminster where the emphasis is on adult learning in a casual and welcoming environment. Introducing people to acrylic painting techniques and a bit of art history. As a teacher I love to help individuals unearth their creative side, finding their personal artistic style through exploration, and encourage them to see it through when a project feels off course. I offer a strong foundation in theory and design, while also having the experience of knowing my materials and the technical skills, tips and tricks for proper application. I can clearly communicate what is working and not working, and look forward to seeing your skill set grow and artistic goals being met.

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