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Learn acrylic and oil painting with Alexandra DelBello

I will help you from the beginning to the end of a painting while teaching you valuable techniques to improve your artistic eye. You will gain confidence in your abilities and style and of course, have fun during the process!

Levels Beginner, Intermediate
Student Age Children 6-12, Teens 12-18, Adults 18+
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Typical Response Time 16 hours or less

Alexandra DelBello

I have been formally trained in acrylic and oil painting through still life lessons, live modeling and plen-aire landscape painting. I can confidently paint a realistic scene and have the control to work more realistically or more painterly. I have become extremely observant through live model sessions and can replicate color nuances within a figure, understand lighting and what it does to a scene, and I have also grown an understanding of the human body and its anatomy. To me, painting is seeing. It's seeing what you normally wouldn't notice upon first glance. It's also understanding color's relativity and complexity. Through an understanding of color mixing and observation, I believe anyone can paint if they put their mind to it. It's important to me to understand the student's goals and motives first. I don't believe a good painter needs to be a realistic one, so I always strive to learn about a student, his or her abilities and what they want to achieve. After that I feel I can help a student along the way in the most supportive and fun way possible. I have taught multiple ages of children ranging from around 7-18, and I also have experience helping adults. I'm always open to a student expressing themselves however they wish. That is the most important to me. However, I also think it's extremely useful to learn some foundation. I teach my students the 'blocking in' method when beginning a painting, to stay loose with their hand and get the basic structure of the painting down before getting too meticulous with detail. Additionally, composition is an important factor in a painting and I want my students to feel confident in composing their scene. I focus on color as well, as color mixing is one of the hardest things in my opinion. To understand the color wheel and how to dull a color or brighten it, or mix black without black, are all very important in being a confident color mixer. Finally, I have a strong understanding of perspective and lighting, so any technical issues that my students have I am confident to help them see the problem and to fix it. My teaching style is a supportive and fun one that is primarily guided by the student. I will push them to the place they want to be and try to make them see as much as possible when painting, because the more you see, the more you can paint. I look forward to helping fellow artists in their journey as every day is a new day to learn. Happy painting!

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