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Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Student Age Children 6-12, Teens 12-18, Adults 18+
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Erin Petersen

I find nature to be life in its purest form. Once I transplant myself into the thick scenery of towering trees or the calm grandeur of a landscape untouched, I am able to connect with my creative process. The ideas I pursue in my work are deeply inspired by the extended time I have spent traveling and exploring, finding home in a variety of settings and communities. I love teaching the layering of materials; acrylic, charcoal, pastel, photographs, pencil and pen. I aim to engage with my medium fully, whether the instrument is a paintbrush, pencil, washcloth, or my own fingers and nails. Personally, I enjoy the exploration of abstraction and organic form. Without the fear of failure or anxiety of a mark made “wrong”, I attack the canvas with an adrenaline -induced surge of spontaneous mark making. This process becomes a cycle of building up and taking apart, impulses and making sense of the results of those impulses. Essentially, each piece emerges from itself as I work, each instinctive action crafting its own guideline that leads me to the point of resolution.

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