Drawing and painting for all ages with Amy Kreiger

Hello! I will help you with any type of drawing or painting media at any stage or age, and show you techniques and/or methods to enhance your piece. As an art teacher/professor myself, I can also show you work from famous artists that do similar work to yours to be sure you understand completely, and to expand your art knowledge. I am beyond excited to work with you, please select me for your free trial! 🙂

Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Student Age Children 6-12, Teens 12-18, Adults 18+
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Typical Response Time 12-16 hours or less everyday

Amy Kreiger

In the classroom, I gauge my teaching based upon the prior knowledge and beliefs that students bring to class. I help students to connect new knowledge and skills to their prior knowledge. If students have trouble connecting prior knowledge to new knowledge I use the teaching strategy of Scaffolding to help students better understand the information. I inspire students to be curious, to then act upon their own intellectual initiative, and to reflect on their own learning and often encourage them to think about how they can be better or achieve goals. I view my role as one of teaching students how to learn and flourish, so that in the future they are ready for success. I am a firm believer in a constructivist approach to education. In my current art teacher position, we have an interdisciplinary curriculum in which all teachers meet and discuss what is being taught in other subjects and their styles of teaching. All teachers bring back this information to their classrooms and teach the students consistently through the different subject matters. Through this, Constructivism helps students learn different subject matters through art by working on hands-on projects, where students have to figure out their own concepts, but I guide as needed. This way students build their own understandings through experience and reflection. As an artist educator for, my goal will be to guide the students in the right direction as far as process, concept or media may be. I will guide students to gain the necessary skills to become producing and exhibiting artists. Under my advice, I will listen to the students first; then give the advice and let students take in information, process it, and trust them to take what they need for their own work.

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