Character Design with Baruch Inbar

I will help you design your own unique characters for animation & film, toys, games, apps and children books.

We will embark on a fun creative adventure exploring different approaches to character design, shapes, colors, personalities, side kicks and more! Through the course, we will work towards finding your own unique creative expression.

Whether you work traditionally, or digital: this class will enrich your creative experience, and will add valuable abilities to your skill set.

Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Student Age Children 6-12, Teens 12-18, Adults 18+
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Typical Response Time 12-16 hours, Mon-Fri

Baruch Inbar

Baruch Inbar is an accomplished, award winning visionary artist, illustrator, writer, designer and a published children's books author from Northern California. For the past years and most currently, Baruch has been busy creating his own media properties, and consulting to other companies including Fortune500 companies such as: Sony, Disney, Coca Cola, and individual entrepreneurs, where he had been involved in the development of numerous entertainment and media projects: animation, film, apps, toys games and theme parks. He published two children books (both authored and illustrated): 'SNURTLE' and 'TREE STAR', and contributed the artwork for the graphic novel 'BALACLAVA JUNCTION'. Baruch's website is: Baruch is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with others who have interest in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. He taught at the prestigious GNOMON school for 3D art and graphics in Hollywood, and at numerous private workshops in the US and abroad. Baruch's approach to teaching, is to inspire his students to not only technical skills, but more importantly: cultivating thinking abilities, where the students are well versed in being able to find the most creative solutions to creative problems utilizing compelling visuals and powerful storytelling.

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